Alejandro & Andres Santo Domingo Net Worth

Alejandro and Andres Santo Domingo Net Worth

Real Name: Alejandro and Andres Santo Domingo
Date of Birth: 02/13/1977
Place of Birth: New York, New York

2019 Net Worth: $8.9 Billion
2018 Earnings:

Profession: Financier

Alejandro and Andres Santo Domingo Biography

Born in New York, New York, Alejandro Santo Domingo attended the exclusive Hotchkiss School, then later Harvard University where he graduated with a degree in History.  Alejandro manages the family business, the Santo Domingo Group. He is the chairman of Grupo Empresarial Bavaria S.A, which is a privately owned subsidiary of SABMiller. Alejandro has a cousin, Carlos Alejandro Perez Davila, an investment banker formerly employed by Goldman Sachs, who helps him to manage the family portfolio.

Alejandro and Andres are the two sons of Julio Mario Santo Domingo and his second wife. This pair of brothers is two of the four billionaire heirs to the fortune that their father earned through his business Colombia’s Bavaria brewery. This business was sold in 2005 for a 15 percent share in SABMiller, which is the second largest beer brewer in the world. This 15 percent share is the largest piece in the Santo Domingo family portfolio, which makes up the privately held Santo Domingo Group. Alejandro is the managing director at Quadrant Capital Advisors and also chairs the publicly traded Vlorem, which owns interests in several Colombian companies including on online retailer, a logistics company, a television channel, and a film studio.

Although it appears that Alejandro’s wealth recently dropped by $6 billion, this is not really true. In March of 2014, Forbes came into information about how the Santo Domingo family fortune is actually divided. This information resulted in the addition of Alejandro’s brother Andres and his nephew and niece being included on the list of billionaires.

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