America Ferrera Net Worth

America Georgina Ferrera Net Worth

Real Name: America Georgina Ferrera
Date of Birth: 04/18/1984
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California

2019 Net Worth: $8 Million
2018 Earnings:

Profession: Actress

America Ferrera Biography

America Ferrera was born in Los Angeles, California in April of 1984. Her parents immigrated from Honduras in the mid 1970’s. Her mother worked as a housekeeper for the Hilton Hotel chain and continually stressed to her daughter the importance of higher education. Her parents divorced when she was 7. Her mother raised her in the Woodland Hills area of Los Angeles. She graduated from El Camino Real High School. She began acting when she was 7 in various school plays and she has said that she always knew she wanted to be an actress. She disliked her first name, however, and went by her middle name of Georgina until she began working as a professional actress.

Ferrera worked as waitress to fund acting classes and pay for professional headshots. She made her screen debut in the Disney Channel feature in 2002 in Gotta Kick It Up! While attending theater summer camp at Northwestern University, Ferrera landed the part in the move Real Women Have Curves. This film earned her several awards and nominations. She added to her net worth when she starred in the comedy How the Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer. She worked several other small films before landing the lead role in the television comedy series Ugly Betty. This earned her a Golden Globe as well as a Screen Actors Guild Award. Ferrera has also landed plum roles in other films including The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Dry Land, Our Family Wedding, End of Watch, and Dogtown.

Ferrera isn’t finished adding to her net worth either as she will return to television as an actress and co-producer of a new sitcom Superstore, which NBC recently announced would be on their 2015-2016 season. Although Ferrera received many offers, this is the only television comedy/drama series she has agreed to work on since Ugly Betty ended in 2010. With a net worth of $8 million, this young star can afford to be a bit choosy.

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