Arnold Palmer Net Worth 2016

Arnold Daniel Palmer Net Worth

Real Name: Arnold Daniel Palmer
Date of Birth: 09/10/1929
Place of Birth: Latrobe, Pennsylvania

2019 Net Worth: $675 Million
2018 Earnings: $55 Million

Profession: Professional Golfer

The King, Arnold, Arnold Palmer Biography

Arnold Palmer was born in September of 1929 in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. His father was the professional greenskeeper at the Latrobe Country Club. Palmer followed his father along as he worked and learned to play golf at a young age. He earned a golf scholarship and attended Wake Forest College. He served in the US Coast Guard for 3 years, then returned to play competitive golf.

Palmer turned pro in 1954. He has been said to be the greatest golfer of all time. This golfing giant has won 7 major championships, including the Masters Tournament in 1958, 1960, 1962, and 1964. He won the US Open in 1960, and then the Open Championship in 1961 and 1962. As if this were not enough, Palmer won 29 PGA tours in 4 seasons. The King, as he is called, played his last Masters Tournament in 2004, noting that it was his 50th consecutive appearance.

In addition to his tournament winnings, Palmer is also well divested in the golfing business. He has designed more than 300 golf courses in 37 states and 5 countries. Palmer owns the Bay Hill Club and Lodge, is a co-founder of The Golf Channel, as well as the Latrobe Country Club, where he learned to play golf with his father. Palmer was well known for drinking his own concoction called The Arnold Palmer Drink – it was an even mix of lemonade and iced tea.

The King has a long list of impressive awards, including the Congressional Gold Medal in 2009. He was an avid pilot, but decided to allow his license to expire in January of 2011. The King of golf was married to Winnie Palmer for 45 years until her death. He has also been a member of the Freemasons since 1958.

This unmatched golfing legend passed away in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, September 25,2016, from complications of heart disease. He was 87. The King of Golf will be greatly missed. At the time of his passing, Palmer had an estimated net worth of $675 million.

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