Blair Parry-Okeden Net Worth

Blair Parry-Okeden Net Worth

Real Name: Blair Parry-Okeden
Date of Birth: 1/1/1952
Place of Birth: Honolulu, Hawaii

2019 Net Worth: $8 Billion
2018 Earnings:

Profession: Heiress to Cox Enterprises, Author

Blair Parry- Okeden Biography

Blair Parry-Okeden was born in 1952 in Honolulu, Hawaii. She is the granddaughter of James. M. Cox, the founder of Cox Enterprises, which is the holding compny of Cox Media Group, Cox Automotive, and Cox Communications. Their holdings includes 17 television stations, 86 radio stations, 15 newspapers, the car auction company, Manheim, and  Parry-Okeden attended La Pietra Hawaii School for Girls, a school her mother founded.

Parry-Okeden wrote a children’s book in 1989 named Down by the Gate. It is her only known publication. Although she inherited shares of the family business, she has nothing to do with its operation. Her brother Jim serves as Chairman of the Board of this large company which has been valued at $15 billion.

Parry-Okeden is one of the world’s most reclusive billionaires. She inherited a 25 percent share of the family’s media empire business after her mother passed away. She currently lives in Australia with her husband and children. She lives an almost completely anonymous life. A multi-billionaire, most people, even her neighbors and local store owners, are unaware of who she is or that she has such tremendous income and earnings.

Parry-Okeden was named a prominent Australian newspaper as being the world’s 110th richest person. When contacted by The Australian, Parry-Okeden said that she felt it was unfortunate that she had been outed as a billionaire.  She stated that she loved her low profile lifestyle and that she did not appreciate being put in the spotlight.

With a current net worth of $8 billion, Parry-Okeden should know that that kind of money is almost impossible to hide. However, this super rich heiress has tried her best to do exactly that. She lives in a very modest home and has gone to great lengths to avoid being known for her wealth.

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