Cate Blanchett Net Worth

Catherine Elise Blanchett Net Worth

Real Name: Catherine Elise Blanchett
Date of Birth: 05/14/1969
Place of Birth: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

2019 Net Worth: $45 Million
2018 Earnings: $5.2 Million

Profession: Actress, theater producer

Cate Blanchett, Cate Biography

Catherine “Cate” Blanchett was born in Melbourne, Australia, in May of 1969. Blanchett was only 10 when her father died from a heart attack, leaving her mother to raise 3 children on her own. Blanchett has often described herself as being part wallflower, part extrovert while she was growing up.  She was a tomboy when she was young and went through phases of her life where she wore Goth clothing. Another time Blanchett went all out punk, shaving her head. It was while attending Methodist Ladies’ College where she discovered that she loved acting. She dropped out of college to go on a one year sabbatical and travel overseas. It was while she was in Egypt that she was asked to work as an extra as an American cheerleader in an Egyptian movie that she got her first acting job. When Blanchett returned to Australia, she enrolled in the National Institute of Dramatic Art to pursue her acting career.

Blanchett landed her first real film role in 1994 and has gone on to be one of the most successful careers in Hollywood. Blanchett received dozens of awards for her role playing Queen Elizabeth in the 1998 move “Elizabeth”. This extremely successful film was followed up with many, many more lucrative film roles including The Talented Mr. Ripley, The Lord of the Rings, The Aviator, The Hobbit, and many more. Her 2013 film, Blue Jasmine, earned her a nomination for Best Actress Academy Award. Blanchett has 3 SAGA awards, 3 BAFTA awards, 3 Golden Globe Awards, and 2 Academy Awards to her credit. Blanchett is the only Australian actress to receive two Oscar awards in their lifetime. Blanchett also has earned substantial amounts for her roles in stage productions including Plenty, Hedda Gabler, and Uncle Vanya.

Blanchett’s films have grossed more than $9 billion worldwide. She has a current net worth of $45 million. She and her husband live in an 1877 sandstone mansion outside of Sydney, Australia, a home that they purchased for $10.2 million in 2004.

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