Charles Koch Net Worth

Charles Koch Net Worth

Real Name: Charles Koch
Date of Birth: 11/01/1935
Place of Birth: Wichita, Kansas

2019 Net Worth: $42.6 Billion
2018 Earnings: $2.5 Billion

Profession: Businessman

Charles Koch Biography

Charles Koch is co-owner, CEO, and chairman of the board at Koch Industries, an oil refining and chemicals company.

Koch was born on November 1, 1935 in Wichita, Kansas to parents Mary and Fred Chase Koch, who founded Rock Island Oil & Refining Company, which would later become Koch Industries.

Charles Koch attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology and graduated with a B.S. in General Engineering in 1957. He received his Masters of Science in Engineering the next year. After working for three years at Arthur D. Little, Inc. he returned to Wichita to join his father’s company.

In 1967 he became president of the business, then a medium-sized oil firm. His business savvy caused the company to grow and in 2006 Koch Industries was generating $90 billion in revenue.

Koch is also the director of Entrust Financial Corp., Director of Koch Industries, Director of Invista, and Director of Georgia Pacific Corp.

He is also a known philanthropist and has been included in Businessweek’s list of Top 50 American Givers.

Charles Koch’s net worth is $42.6 billion. Koch Industries is the second-largest private company in the United States with an annual revenue if $115 billion. The company is involved in many industries including oil refining, pollution control equipment, minerals, fertilizers, fibers and polymers, commodity and financial trading, forest and consumer products such as Dixie Cups and Quilted Northern paper products, ranching and business development.

Charles Koch and brother David Koch each own 42% of Koch Industries. Their net worth increases every year as the company is privately owned.

Koch has been married to wife Liz since 1972 and they have two children.

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