Chris Rock Net Worth 2016

Christopher Julius Rock III Net Worth

Real Name: Christopher Julius Rock III
Date of Birth: 02/07/1965
Place of Birth: Andrews, South Carolina

2019 Net Worth: $70 Million
2018 Earnings: $6 Million +

Profession: Comedian, actor, screen writer, producer, director, host

Chris Rock, Christopher Rock Biography

Christopher Julius Rock III, known to most as simply Chris Rock, was born in 1965 in Andrews, South Carolina. His parents moved to Brooklyn, New York, soon after his birth. Rock has 3 younger brothers who are also in the entertainment industry. Rock says that he fashioned much of his comedy routine after his grandfather, Allen Rock, who was a preacher. Rock was bused to white neighborhood schools, where he was regularly bullied and beaten. He eventually left school and earned a GED on his own.

In 1984, Rock began doing stand-up comedy at clubs in New York. He began to earn small roles in television series and movies. Eddie Murphy saw Rock performing at a nightclub and took the young Rock under his wing. It was Eddie Murphy who gave Rock his first real film role in Beverly Hill Cop II. Rock became a regular performer on the television show Saturday Night Live in 1990 but quickly became frustrated and left the show in 1993. Rock worked on various projects over the next few years, including stand-up comedy acts, television appearances, and movies.

Soon, Rock was starring in films such as Bad Company, The Longest Yard, and Down to Earth. In late 2005, Rock directed and starred in a very successful television series called Everybody Hates Chris, which is based loosely on his difficult years in high school. This program earned Rock two Emmy awards, a Golden Globe Award, and a People’s Choice Award. Rock also hosted the 77th and 88th Academy Awards shows.

Rock married Malaak Compton in 1996. The couple have 2 children and live on a vast estate in Alpine, New Jersey. Rock has publicly stated that he has filed for divorce in December of 2014. It is unknown if there was a prenuptial agreement signed before the wedding. If not, this divorce could vastly affect Rock’s current $70 million net worth. While Rock is still young enough to recoup most of his cash, a divorce could mean the loss of half of his estate or more, which is not funny by any standard.

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