Clayton Mathile Net Worth

Clayton Lee Mathile Net Worth

Real Name: Clayton Lee Mathile
Date of Birth: 01/11/1941
Place of Birth: Portage, Ohio

2019 Net Worth: $3.4 Billion
2018 Earnings:

Profession: Businessman, investor

Clayton Mathile Biography

Clayton Mathile was born in January of 1941 in Portage, Ohio. His family owned a 40 acre farm and Mathile grew up working very hard, going to school, and then returning home to milk cows, work the fields, and listen to his family talk about general farm operations. This stimulated young Mathile’s interest in business. When he was 6, Mathile took a trip to his uncle’s farm, where he watched a cotton gin do its work for the first time. This inspired Mathile to look for new and better ways to do things, a passion that he kept throughout his lifetime.

Mathile graduated from Ohio Northern University in 1962. He began by working at a GM plant in Ohio, later working for Campbell Soup in inventory control, accounting, and purchasing, which he says taught him a great deal about eliminating waste and keeping up good relations with vendors. Mathile was unhappy with his corporate position, however, and decided to take a gamble to work at a small pet food manufacturer, The Iams Food Company. Mathile purchased half of the company for $100,000 in 1975, and then purchased the remaining half in 1982.

Mathile turned this small, local Ohio company into one of the biggest names in high quality pet food in America. Mathile was well-known for knowing the names of his employees, their spouses, children, even their pets. He often asked employees for their advice and listened to their problems but was not above asking other executive (such as former PepsiCo executive Tom MacLeod) for their advice. When Mathile sold Iams to Proctor & Gamble in 1999 for an astounding $2.3 billion, he gave $100 million of his profit to his employees saying that he could not have been successful had it not been for them.

Mathile has a current net worth of $3.4 billion and has new interests on the horizon with his video-chat company ooVoo, which already boasts more than 100 million users.

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