Cory Monteith Net Worth 2016

Cory Allan Michael Monteith Net Worth

Real Name: Cory Allan Michael Monteith
Date of Birth: 05/11/1982
Place of Birth: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

2019 Net Worth: $2 Million
2018 Earnings:

Profession: Actor, Musician

Cory, Cory Monteith, Finn Biography

Cory Monteith was born in May of 1982 in Calgary, Canada. His father served in the Canadian military. His parents divorced when he was 7 so his mother moved to Victoria, British Columbia. Young Monteith saw very little of his father after the divorce, especially because he travelled for work.

Monteith began having difficulties at school and with substance abuse from at least the age of 13. He continually skipped school to use drugs and attended more than 15 schools, including one which featured an alternative program for “troubled teens.” By 16, Monteith has completely given up on school and dropped out. Due to his drug addiction, Monteith turned to petty crimes, such as stealing, to get the money he needed. Monteith’s family staged an intervention when he was 19 and he went into a rehab facility. This was a turning point in his life. Monteith eventually received his high school diploma from the alternative school that he had dropped out of earlier.

Monteith began working various jobs such as a mechanic, school bus driver, Walmart people greeter, and taxi driver. He began auditioning for television shows and earned minor parts on series such as Kyle XY, Smallville, and Supernatural. He is best known for his work on the popular television show Glee. Monteith became a pop star almost overnight due to his performances on this show as the adorable Finn Hudson.

In early 2013, Monteith again admitted himself into a rehab clinic for substance addiction after an intervention by the Glee cast. Although Monteith had an expansive estate in Los Angeles, he was found dead in his room at the Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel in Vancouver, Canada, on July 13, 2013. Cause of death was mixed drug toxicity, mostly consisting of heroin and alcohol. At the time of his death, Monteith had a net worth of $2 million.

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