Dina Merrill Net Worth

Nedenia Marjorie Hutton Net Worth

Real Name: Nedenia Marjorie Hutton
Date of Birth: 12/09/1925
Place of Birth: New York, NY

2019 Net Worth: $5 Billion
2018 Earnings: $250 Million

Profession: Actress

Dina Merrill Biography

Dina Merrill was born Nadenia Marjorie Hutton and was the daughter of Post Cereals heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post and her second husband, Edward Francis “EF” Hutton. Hutton was a Wall Street stockbroker who co- founded the investment firm EF Hutton & Co.

Marjorie Post had been previously married to Edward Bennett Close and had two daughter with him, Adelaide Breevort Close and Eleanor Post Close. Edward Bennett Close is the grandfather of actress Glenn Close.

Merrill was educated at the exclusive Connecticut boarding school Ms. Porter’s School. She attended George Washington University for one year before dropping out and enrolling in the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, which is the oldest acting school in the United States, operating since 1884.

She had a successful acting career, acting in 27 films including Desk Set in 1957 with Spencer Tracey and Katharine Hepburn, Operation Petticoat in 1959 with Cary Grant, Butterfield 8 in 1960 with Elizabeth Taylor and Laurence Harvey, The Young Savages in 1961 with Burt Lancaster, Caddyshack II in 1998, The Player in 1992, and Milk & Money in 1996.

Merrill has been married three times.  She married her first husband Stanley M. Rumbough Jr., an heir to the Colgate-Palmolive toothpaste fortune, in 1946.  They had three children together, Nedenia Colgate Rumbough, David Post Rumbough, and Stanley Rumbough III. Her second husband was Oscar-winning actor Clff Robertson, whom she married in 1969. They had one child together, Heather. She married her last and current husband, former actor Ted Hartley, in 1989.

At 90 years old she is still active as vice chair of the Republican Pro-Choice Coalition and an avid tennis and golf player.

Merrill is the wealthiest actress in the United States. Her wealth is mainly inherited from her mother, who was once the richest woman in the United States and her father, who left her $250 million in 1962. Her net worth is calculated to be $5 billion after adjusting for inflation of inheritances and considering her investments and long and prominent acting career.

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