Donald Trump Net Worth 2016

Donald John Trump Net Worth

Real Name: Donald John Trump
Date of Birth: 06/14/1946
Place of Birth: Queens, New York

2019 Net Worth: $3.7 Billion
2018 Earnings: $60 Million

Profession: Chairman and President of The Trump Organization

Donald Trump, The Donald Biography

Donald Trump was born in Queens, New York in June of 1946.  He was sent to the New York Military Academy when he was 13. He earned academic honors and played football, soccer, and baseball. Trump attended Fordham University, and then transferred to the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in economics in 1968.

Trump began his career at his father’s company, which mainly focused on middle-class rental housing in and around the Queens area of New York. His first major success was transforming the then-bankrupt Commodore Hotel into the Grand Hyatt. Trump now owns, among others, the Trump Tower, currently valued at $288 million, the Trump World Tower, valued at $290 million, an assortment of Trump casino resorts located around the US, along with the Trump name, licenses to properties around the world and earning his business approximately $562 million every year. Trump has also created, and stars in, his reality show The Apprentice, which has earned him two Emmy Awards. Trump earns $3 million for each episode.

Trump is a well-renowned and popular figure around the world who has considered running for President of the United States both in 2012 and in 2016. He finally did decide to run as a Republican and, as of this writing, is at the top of the Republican heap with more than 39 percent of the vote. A man of many dreams, Trump has stated that he would consider bailing out the New York Mets, if need be, to help out his friend Fred Wilpon. Trump promotes his numerous golf courses through the Golf Channel and is currently producing a new reality series on MTV called Ladette to Lady. Although Trump has been involved in numerous lawsuits and scandals, he always seems to rise to the top.

Trump has received a great deal of attention during his presidential campaign, mostly due to his wild statements, such as his intention, if elected president, to deport all 18 plus million illegal immigrants, stating that Carly Fiorina was not pretty enough to be president, and perhaps his latest, most outrageous claim is that he personally saw thousands of Muslims in New Jersey cheering as the World Trade Centers collapsed.

However, even after offending almost everyone, he has managed to outlast his opponents. Trump is now the candidate of the Republican party. After his nomination, this billionaire continued to make some of the most outrageous and inflammatory remarks ever made by a presidential candidate. A recently released tape of Trump and Billy Bush talking about women’s sexual attributes, and remarks that Trump had engaged in what would be considered sexual assault, brought him even more attention, even if it was not the type he hoped for. Several women have also come forward to state that the reality star forced himself on them in various ways. Trump denies all of the women’s allegations, and claims the tape from Access Hollywood was simply “locker room talk”.

Surprising everyone, Trump won the presidential election of 2016, with a total of 279 electoral votes to Hillary Clinton’s 228. What will happen now is anyone’s guess, with some people believing Trump will create thousands of jobs and others making comparisons between Trump and Hitler. Only time will tell. Trump claims he will put his businesses in a blind trust to his children, but how can one objectively ignore events that will make you rich or ruin your company?

Even though four of his businesses have filed for bankruptcy, many people still consider him the ultimate businessman. It is true that Trump has never risked his own personal finances, nor has he paid personal income tax in almost 2 decades. Whether this makes him smart or a con is a matter of opinion. There is no denying, however, that Trump has branded his name and insignia on men’s ties, alcohol, men’s clothing, even mattresses, making him a household name. It has been estimated that the Trump name alone is worth $6 billion. Trump takes a personal salary of $60 million each year and has a current net worth of $3.7 billion.

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