Elaine Marshall Net Worth

Elaine Tettemer Marshall Net Worth

Real Name: Elaine Tettemer Marshall
Date of Birth: 01/12/1939
Place of Birth: Dallas, Texas

2019 Net Worth: $12.7 Billion
2018 Earnings:

Profession: Partial Owner of Koch Industries, Widow of E. Pierce Marshall

Elaine Marshall Biography

Elaine Marshall, born in Dallas, Texas, in 1939 is a reclusive and very rich widow. She is the fourth-richest woman in America and the 69th richest woman in the world, even though she never appeared on any international wealth ranking before 2013.

Little is known about Marshall’s early life as she shuns almost all publicity, and when she does give interviews, she denies that she is worth $12.7 billion.

Marshall receives the majority of her income from her 15 percent stake in Koch Industries. However, she first secured her fortune when she married into wealth. Her husband, E. Pierce Marshall, inherited the Koch Industries stock from his father, and Marshall inherited it when her husband passed away in 2006.

Marshall isn’t known for her wealth, however, but from her association of another now dead relative, Anna Nicole Smith. Smith’s marriage to Elaine Marshalls’ father-in-law makes Marshall the daughter-in-law of Smith, the late stripper who launched a series of lawsuits against the Marshall family in order to secure a part of the family fortune.

Koch Industries is the second-largest privately held company in America. This Kansas-based conglomerate has annual sales of more than $110 billion. The only women in America that are richer than Marshall are the Wal-Mart heiresses Alice and Christy Walton and the candy bar heiress Jacqueline Mars.

Although Marshall has managed to somehow completely avoid the limelight, her father-in-law and husband were not so lucky. Her father-in-law, Howard Marshall, had been a Koch shareholder for more than 20 years. The 89 year old’s 1994 marriage to the then 26 year old Playboy model, and then his subsequent death in 1995, has kept the Marshall fortune in the courts ever since.

Elaine Marshall’s net worth is currently an incredible $ 12.7 billion and it will continue to grow as long as Koch Industries continues to dominate the American market.

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