Elizabeth Holmes Net Worth

Elizabeth Ann Holmes Net Worth

Real Name: Elizabeth Ann Holmes
Date of Birth: 02/03/1984
Place of Birth: Washington, D. C.

2019 Net Worth: $4.6 Billion
2018 Earnings:

Profession: Founder and CEO of Theranos

Elizabeth Holmes Biography

Elizabeth Holmes was born in Washington D.C. in February of 1984. As a child, she read about her great-great-grandfather who was a surgeon, engineer, inventor, and decorated World War I veteran. This inspired Holmes to become a doctor but soon found out she had a terrible fear of needles. When she was 9, her family moved to Houston, Texas. Holmes attended St. John’s School. Both Holmes and her brother learned Mandarin Chinese at a young age since their father’s work often took him to China. Holmes spent most of her teenage years in China and while she was there, still attending school, she started a business selling to Chinese universities.

Holmes attended Stanford University and studied chemical engineering. She was named one of the President’s Scholars and given a $3,000 prize to pursue any research project she wished. Holmes went to her professor and discussed establishing a new diagnostics and health company. This savvy 19 year old wanted to alter the procedure by which blood is drawn and tested. She dropped out of college and took her college funds plus her research award and launched her own company called Real-Time Cures, based in Palo Alto, California. Holmes later changed the company name to Theranos, a combination of the words therapy and diagnosis. Holmes had an uncle who died from cancer because it was not discovered early enough. She is now working on ways in which a single drop of blood can tell doctors everything they need to know about a patient. In 2013, Walgreens, the largest retail pharmacy chain, announced that they will establish Theranos Wellness centers inside each of their pharmacies.

As of 2014, Theranos offered more than 200 lab tests and is licensed to operate in every state in the US. Theranos is valued at just under $10 billion. Elizabeth Holmes has 18 patents in the US and 66 non-US patents in her name and is listed as the co-inventor of more than 100 patent applications. Holmes is the world’s youngest female billionaire and has a current net worth of $4.6 billion.

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