Floyd Mayweather Net Worth

Floyd Joy Sinclair Net Worth

Real Name: Floyd Joy Sinclair
Date of Birth: 02/24/1977
Place of Birth: Grand Rapids, Michigan

2019 Net Worth: $295 Million
2018 Earnings: $105 Million

Profession: Professional boxer

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Biography

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. was born in Grand Rapids Michigan in 1977 to a family of boxers. His Father, Floyd Mayweather, Sr., was a former welterweight fighter who fought the famous Sugar Ray Leonard. Both of his uncles, Jeff and Roger Mayweather, were also professional boxers. Although Mayweather was given his mother’s last name at birth, his last name would be changed to Mayweather, to match his father’s, soon afterwards.

Mayweather never seriously considered any other life other than that of a boxer. He lived in New Jersey with his mother growing up, so poor that Mayweather has stated that they often didn’t have electricity. His mother was a drug addict and his father never took him anywhere but to the gym to practice boxing. Mayweather made a decision when he was still very young that he was going to earn enough to take care of his mother and himself, so he dropped out of school so he could devote more time to his boxing career.

Mayweather has since gone on to become a world renowned American boxing champion. He has won an unprecedented six championships in five different weight classes. As of this writing he has an unbelievable 47 wins and no losses. Mayweather is the one of the most highly paid athletes in the world. Although he has very few endorsement deals at this time, Mayweather has earned as much as $100 million in one year when he is fighting.

There is a much awaited rematch between Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao sometime in 2015 and although the date has not yet been announced, it has been estimated that Mayweather will earn somewhere in the arena of $120 million. Mayweather will need the money, however, as he owes the IRS more than $6 million in back taxes. He currently has a net worth of $295 million so rather than a high stakes fight, perhaps all he needs is a better accountant.

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