Gene Wilder Net Worth 2016

Jerome Silberman Net Worth

Real Name: Jerome Silberman
Date of Birth: 06/11/1933
Place of Birth: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

2019 Net Worth: $20 Million
2018 Earnings:

Profession: Actor, director, screenwriter, author

Gene Wilder Biography

Gene Wilder was born Jerome Silberman in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in June of 1933. Although raised Jewish, Wilder has stated that he did not believe in God, only in the Golden Rule. He was drafted into the army in 1956 and became a part of the medical corp. He asked to be stationed in New York so he could attend acting classes. He chose his stage name at the age of 26, while acting in his first off-Broadway play.

Wilder was cast in his first movie role for Mother Courage and Her Children, opposite Anne Bancroft. Bancroft introduced him to her then boyfriend, Mel Brooks. Brooks would cast Wilder in several of his movies, including Springtime for Hitler and The Producers. Wilder’s role in Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory, became a huge cult film hit, even though it didn’t fare well with parents at the time the film was made. Wilder received a frantic call from his pal Mel Brooks, because the lead actor in his movie Blazing Saddles, dropped out of the film. Wilder dropped everything to play the lead of “Jim” in this classic film that was nominated for three Academy Awards. His small role in Woody Allen’s movie, Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Sex (But Were Afraid to Ask), was also a huge success. While working on Allen’s film, Wilder began writing his own screenplay that would earn him tremendous stardom, “Young Frankenstein.” Young Frankenstein was nominated for several Oscars, but lost to The Godfather Part 2. This talented actor went on to do numerous movies, including several with Richard Pryor, such as Silver Streak, Frisco Kid with Harrison Ford, Hanky Panky, where he met his future wife Gilda Radner, and Funny about Love. Wilder starred and directed the 1984 movie Woman in Red, as well as Haunted Honeymoon.

Although Wilder was married 4 times, it was his marriage to Gilda Radner that people remember most. Radner died from ovarian cancer just 5 years after marrying Wilder, and it changed the actor forever. Although he remarried in 1991, he appeared to put his acting career on the back burner and instead worked at raising funds for cancer research.

The Young Frankenstein star passed away from complications due to Alzheimer’s disease August 29,2016, at his estate in Stamford, Connecticut. He has a net worth of $20 million at the time of his death, but the laughter and memories he leaves behind are priceless.

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