Harry Stine Net Worth 2016

Harry F. Stein Net Worth

Real Name: Harry F. Stein
Date of Birth: 1942
Place of Birth: Iowa

2019 Net Worth: $3.5 Billion
2018 Earnings:

Profession: Owner of Stine Seed

Harry, Harry Stein Biography

Harry Stine was born on a small farm outside of Des Moines, Iowa in 1942.  He is mildly autistic and dyslexic as well, but a literal savant when it came to data and mathematics. He grew up struggling to work the family farm. Although the farm itself was 60 acres, there was a mere 30 acres that were tillable.  Even with dyslexia, Stine attended McPherson Collage in Kansas and graduated with a liberal arts degree. This knowledge did not immediately apply to the farm, but over the years, Stine has said that he often benefited from the knowledge he gained from various classes. His father founded Stine Seed Farm in the 1950’s, mainly selling soybean seeds to farmers.

Stine was a 23 year old college graduate, working the family farm when he spotted some unusual soybean plants growing in one of the his father’s fields. He thought that there would be more profit in the breeding and developing of higher-yielding soybean varieties, both in growing them for the family as well as selling the seeds to other farmers. In the 1960’s, soybean breeding was done strictly by universities. Stine, along with 4 other seed men, became the first of its kind business. Stein began selling his own label, Stine Soybean Seeds, in 1979. By 1992 he was one of the top 4 soybean seed companies in the U.S. and by 1994 he was also selling corn and soft red winter wheat.  Stine Seed Company became the very first company in the history of the U.S. to receive a patent on soybean varieties. These soybeans are now the most sought after seeds in America, and perhaps in the world. At 72 years of age, he continues to work with research institutions around the U.S, to conduct research and improve genetics.

Although he has a current net worth of $3.5 billion, Stine lives a very private, moderate lifestyle. He lives on a modest farm in Adel, Iowa, drives his older Ford pickup truck to work 6 days a week, and rarely takes time off from the love of his life; Stine Seeds.

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