Hillary Clinton Net Worth 2016

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton Net Worth

Real Name: Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton
Date of Birth: 10/26/1947
Place of Birth: Park Ridge, Illinois

2019 Net Worth: $111 Million
2018 Earnings: $31.3 Million

Profession: Politician, Democratic Presidential Nominee 2016

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Hillary Clinton was born Hillary Diane Rodham in October of 1947 in Park Ridge, Illinois. She was raised in the same town where she was born and graduated from Wellesley College in 1969. She then went on to Yale Law School, earning her law degree in 1973. Clinton moved to Arkansas and served as a congressional legal counselor. She married William (Bill) Clinton in 1975. After serving as the first female chairperson at Legal Corporation, she went on to be the first female partner at Rose Law Firm.

When her husband became Governor of Arkansas, Clinton worked on numerous children and school projects trying to improve education. In 1993, when Bill was elected President of the United States, Clinton became first lady and used this position to work on programs to relieve poverty, women’s rights, adoption, family safety, and foster care. In 2000, she was voted in as the first female senator of New York and became the only first lady who ever sought a political office after leaving the White House. She was re-elected as Senator in 2006. Clinton ran for President in 2008, but lost to Barack Obama.

President Obama appointed Clinton as Secretary of State in 2009, where she served until 2015, when she resigned and placed her bid as a Democratic candidate for the Presidential election of 2016. Clinton received the most votes, as well as delegates, in the primaries and was nominated for President July 28, 2016. Her running mate is a Virginia State Senator Tim Kaine.

Clinton has been beset by investigations since her days as First Lady. She has been investigated for using a private email server at her home, for the deaths of civilians and the US Ambassador in Benghazi, Libya, as well as the Clinton Foundation and her refusal to release her highly paid speeches that were given to Wall Street firms.

Both Clinton and her husband earn money via books and speaking engagements, but they do keep finances separate. Clinton’s wealth far outweighs her husbands, at $111 million. Some have suggested that she is worth as much as three times that amount, others that she is worth far less, however, her financial disclosures have been made public for years, so her net worth can be fairly determined.

Clinton is currently running for President against the Republican candidate, billionaire and reality star Donald Trump. With the election just days away, as of this writing, the candidates are almost neck and neck, with Clinton currently in the lead by a nose, according to recent polls.

Will Clinton see her goals realized and greatly increase her net worth and political status? Time will tell.

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