Jacqueline Gold Net Worth

Jacqueline S. Gold Net Worth

Real Name: Jacqueline S. Gold
Date of Birth: 7/16/1960
Place of Birth: Bromley, Kent, England

2019 Net Worth: $860 Million
2018 Earnings:

Profession: Businesswoman, Author, Columnist

Jacqueline Gold Biography

Born in July of 1960, Jacqueline Gold was the daughter of a publisher, who cried when he found out that his first born, Jacqueline, was not a male. Gold grew up in a large, expensive, 3 story home with a swimming pool in Biggin Hill, London. Her parents separated when Gold was 12 years of age.

Jacqueline started her career at Royal Doulton, but didn’t want to go into management. At 19, she went to work for her father at his “Ann Summers” uptown sex shop. She disliked the atmosphere, but a Tupperware party she attended in 1981changed her life. Gold saw the potential of selling women sexy lingerie and sex toys in the privacy of their own homes.  Soon after, Gold launched her own business, The Ann Summers Party Plan. These were strict, no men allowed parties that were, and still are, extremely popular.

Gold was made the Chief Executive of Ann Summers in 1987 and she transformed it from tawdry sex shops, into a multi-million dollar business, with more than 7,500 saleswomen and 136 stores in Ireland, the Channel Islands, and the UK. With sales of $176 million in 2008 alone, Gold has turned her sales idea into a gold mine.  Ann Summers acquired Knickerbox in 2000 and added Knickerbox concessions in every Ann Summers store.

Gold wrote an autobiography in 1999 and a second book entitled “A Woman’s Courage”, in 2007. She has been the subject of several documentaries including “Back to the Floor”.  She has appeared on television game shows and a BBC television project called The Verdict. Even though Gold had some problems with her second book, it hasn’t stopped her from writing. Gold still works as a columnist for New Business, Kent Business, Retail Week, and Women Mean Business.

Jacqueline Gold has a net worth of $860 million which is a tremendous amount of earning power for a woman with little formal education working selling sex toys and lingerie.

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