James Cameron Net Worth

James Francis Cameron Net Worth

Real Name: James Francis Cameron
Date of Birth: 08/16/1954
Place of Birth: Kapuskasing, Ontario, Canada

2019 Net Worth: $900 Million
2018 Earnings: $257 Million

Profession: Film Director, Editor, Producer, Screenwriter

James Cameron Biography

James Cameron was born in Ontario, Canada, and grew up in the Chippawa, Ontario area. When Cameron was 17, his family moved to California. He studied several different subjects in college before he dropped out and worked various jobs, including truck driving. He wrote stories when he had time and taught himself all about special effects. After seeing the film Star Wars in 1977, Cameron quit his job, wrote his own 10 minute science fiction film script, and rented the necessary equipment to produce it. His first film was Xenogenesis in 1978. After this he began working on a number of low budget, quickly produced films that taught him how to work both effectively and efficiently. Before long, Cameron was working as special effects director for films such as Escape from New York, with John Carpenter.

Cameron has since gone on to make some of the most famous, as well as lucrative, films in the world including Titanic, The Terminator, First Blood, and Avatar. Cameron is considered to be the top action director of his generation. He reshaped Hollywood in the 80’s and 90’s with multimillion dollar films that had his own unique blend of human sentiment and technological effects that took the breath away from moviegoers. Cameron’s 1997 blockbuster Titanic is the perfect example of his style and became one of the highest earning motion pictures ever made.

Cameron’s total directorial efforts have earned (gross) somewhere in the area of $2 billion in the United States and at least $6 billion worldwide. Cameron had a $200 million dollar budget with Titanic but he ended up going way over budget. In an effort to appease his financial backers, he exchanged his $8 million salary for some of the backend profits. This was a wise decision that ended up earning Cameron more than $650 million. With a net worth of $900 million, and two more projects in the works for 2015, Cameron has the distinction of being one of the most well-paid, as well as the richest, movie directors in the world.

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