Jami Gertz Net Worth

Jami Beth Gertz Net Worth

Real Name: Jami Beth Gertz
Date of Birth: 10/28/1965
Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois

2019 Net Worth: $2 Billion
2018 Earnings:

Profession: Actress, Film Producer

Jami Gertz Biography

Jami Gertz was born in 1965 in Chicago, Illinois and grew up in the Chicago suburb of Glenview. As a child, Gertz appeared in one episode in the television series Diff’rent Strokes. She also had a recurring role in another television series called The Facts of Life as the friend of Blair, Boots St. Clair. After she graduated from Maine East High School, Gertz was discovered in a nationwide talent search conducted by Norman Lear and went on to study drama at NYU.

Gertz made her film debut in 1981 in the romance movie Endless Love. She landed a co-starring role in the television series Square Pegs that ran two seasons from 1982 to 1983. After the shows cancellation, Gertz appeared in the extremely popular teen movie Sixteen Candles in 1984. Gertz received significant attention with her starring role in the 1987 film Less Than Zero. In this movie, she played the friend of a doomed drug addict, played by Robert Downey, Jr. Gertz then starred in the 1987 film, The Lost Boys.

Gertz worked for a short time in Paris as a perfume designer for Lanvin. When she returned to America, she landed a supporting role in the 1996 blockbuster film, Twister. Gertz had small parts in other movies such as Solarbabies, Crossroads, and Jersey Girl. Gertz has recently had guest starring or co-starring roles in numerous television shows including “Seinfeld”, “E.R,” “Ally McBeal”, Still Standing”, “Shark”, and “Entourage”.  She portrayed Gilda Radner in the 2002 television movie about her life.

Although Gertz definitely earned her own fortune from her films, the majority of her net worth comes from her 1989 marriage to billionaire husband Tony Ressler, co-founder of Ares Management, a fund management company with over $40 billion in assets under management.

Gertz and her family reside in a mansion in the exclusive Beverly Park community. They also have a vacation home in Malibu. With earnings from her acting career, residuals, and her net worth of $ 2 billion, Gertz can certainly afford to live in almost any place she desires.

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