Jim Davis Net Worth

James Robert Davis Net Worth

Real Name: James Robert Davis
Date of Birth: 07/28/1945
Place of Birth: Marion, Indiana

2019 Net Worth: $800 Million
2018 Earnings:

Profession: Cartoonist, Creator of the Garfield comic strip

Jim Davis Biography

Jim Davis was born in Marion, Indiana, and grew up on his family’s small farm in Fairmount, Indiana. Davis attended Ball State and belonged to the Theta Xi fraternity.  After college, Davis worked for an advertising agency. He assisted Tom Ryan with his comic strip, Tumbleweeds. He created his own comic strip called Gnorm Gnat, about, as the name suggests, a gnat. It ran for 5 years in a local newspaper, but when he attempted to sell his cartoon to a national comic syndicate, an editor gave him what David called “the best advice ever.” The editor loved his gags, loved the artwork, but told Davis that no one, ever, would love a bug. “No one can relate to a bug,” the editor told him.

Davis went to work on another cartoon about a cat named Garfield. It is interesting to note that when he created Garfield, his first wife was allergic to cats and they had a dog instead. In June of 1978, Garfield began syndication in 41 newspapers. Today, it is syndicated in more than 2,500 newspapers and is read by more than 300 million people each day. Garfield also has had numerous television specials, movies, and a very large merchandising program.

Davis says his influence was other popular cartoons such as Peanuts and Beetle Bailey. His character, Jon Arbuckle, parallels the life of Davis and his early life on his Indiana farm. Jon is also a cartoonist and, not surprisingly, has the same birthday as Davis.

Davis lives in Albany, Indiana where he and his staff of 50 produce Garfield under his own company, called Paws, Inc., which he began in 1981. He has numerous licensing administrators, who work with agents around the world managing Garfield’s huge licensing, syndication, and entertainment empire. Davis has a current net worth of $800 million, making him one of the richest cartoonists in the world.

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