Johnny Mathis Net Worth

John Royce Mathis Net Worth

Real Name: John Royce Mathis
Date of Birth: 09/30/1935
Place of Birth: Gilmer, Texas

2019 Net Worth: $400 Million
2018 Earnings:

Profession: Singer, Author

Johnny Mathis Biography

Johnny Mathis was born in Gilmer, Texas but moved with his family to San Francisco, California when he was a young child. Mathis’s father worked in vaudeville and believed that his son had talent, so he bought an old upright piano for $25 and encouraged his son to play and sing. Mathis learned many of his first songs from his father and was soon singing for visitors at home, school, and church gatherings.

When Mathis was 13 he began what would be 6 years of voice lessons, including operatic training. He formed a high school band, but went on to San Francisco State University and became an English and physical education teacher.

Mathis was discovered by the co-owner of a popular jazz club and by 1955, he was singing weekends in clubs. A jazz producer heard him singing and signed him to Columbia Records. Mathis was a star high-jumper and had to choose between a shot at the Olympics or traveling to New York to sign with Columbia Records. He took his father’s advice and put out his first album in 1956. Since then, Mathis has gone on to sell more than 350 million albums worldwide.

Mathis has invested wisely over the years; he owns several restaurant chains, has investments in the stock market, owns a football team, and even has a clothing line called “Johnny Mathis Seduction.” He published a cookbook in 1982 as well.

Although he missed the Olympic tryouts, he has never lost his enthusiasm for sports and today is an avid golfer. He has been hosting the Johnny Mathis Golf Tournament since 1985.

Johnny Mathis is one of the few singers who can still sell out concert tickets.  He was listed as the 3rd bestselling artist in the 20th century.  With a current net worth of $400 million, Mathis is still doing 40 to 50 concerts every year so his earnings and net worth is guaranteed to continue to climb.

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