Kaley Cuoco Net Worth

Kaley Christine Cuoco Net Worth

Real Name: Kaley Christine Cuoco
Date of Birth: 11/30/1985
Place of Birth: Camarillo, California

2019 Net Worth: $30 Million
2018 Earnings: $11 Million

Profession: Actress

Kaley Cuoco Biography

Kaley Christine Cuoco was born in November of 1985 in Camarillo, California. Cuoco loved tennis and began playing when she was 3. She once ranked in the amateur ratings but stopped playing entirely when she was 16 in favor of a film career. She began her acting career at the age of 6 when she appeared in a film called Quicksand: No Escape. She starred in another movie alongside Denzel Washington called Virtuosity. She has also appeared in other films such as Growing Up Brady, The Hollow, My So-Called Life, 7th Heaven, and Prison Break.

By 2004, Cuoco was a television star with appearances on series such as 8 Simple Rules and Debating Robert Lee. In 2007, she was cast in the television series The Big Bang Theory. She plays the extremely popular character Penny. She recently signed another 3 year contract with this hit show’s producing team which will earn her an impressive $1 million per episode. She also married in late 2013 and is changing her name to Cuoco-Sweeting, as was noted in the credits of the final Big Bang Theory show.

Cuoco is also a popular actress for her modeling potential. She has appeared on numerous magazine covers, such as Allure, and placed sixth in the annual list of FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in 2013. In addition to her acting, Cuoco has a couple pretty lucrative endorsement deals with Priceline and Toyota Motor Company which earn her an additional $2 million each year. She owns a lavish estate in Los Angeles and loves horseback riding.

Cuoco is already a mega-star in both film and television. She has a current net worth of $30 million, which will increase substantially over the next 3 years with her new contract and upcoming film projects. This young star has earning power plus and will soon be one of the wealthiest actresses on the globe.

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