Kevin Plank Net Worth 2016

Kevin A. Plank Net Worth

Real Name: Kevin A. Plank
Date of Birth: 08/13/1972
Place of Birth: Kensington, Maryland

2019 Net Worth: $2.4 Billion
2018 Earnings: $2.43 Million

Profession: CEO and Founder of Under Armour

Kevin Plank, Kevin, Mr. Under Armour Biography

Kevin Plank was born in August of 197 in Kensington, Maryland. His mother was the former mayor of Kensington who went on to work for the State Department of the US government under President Ronald Regan. He grew up playing sports, especially football, but was forced to leave Georgetown Preparatory School due to poor grades. He went on to Fork Union Military Academy, where he played football and graduated from St. John’s College High school. He then went on to the University of Maryland.

It was while he was still attending college that he founded his first business, Cupid’s Valentine, which sold roses for Valentine’s Day. This business, although seasonal, was quite successful, earning this young entrepreneur more than $17,000. He also sold T-shirts at college games. Plank was frustrated by his inability to find a T-shirt, undershirt, or socks that would keep him dry (he often described himself as the “sweatiest guy on the team.”). He began to search for materials that would wick away sweat better than cotton and keep him feeling drier and more comfortable. After graduating in 1996, Plank continued his search for synthetic materials that would wick away sweat for athletes and other working professionals. He tried more than 7 different synthetic blends, asking his professional teammates to try them out and critique them, before he found the perfect mix. Plank then used his $20,000 in savings, then going into debt to the tune of $40,000 by using 5 different credit cards. One year after founding Under Armour, he was broke. He got a lucky break, however, and finally made his first big sale to Georgia Tech for $17,000. Several NFL teams soon followed suit and by the end of his second year in business, he had sold more than $100,000. Under Armour now has sales of nearly $2 billion each year and has almost 6,000 employees.

Plank now has a current net worth of $2.4 billion and has recently launched several fitness apps, which are sure to considerably increase this young man’s net worth.

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