Maria Sharapova Net Worth 2016

Maria Yuryevna Sharapova Net Worth

Real Name: Maria Yuryevna Sharapova
Date of Birth: 04/19/1987
Place of Birth: Nyagan, Russia, Soviet Union

2019 Net Worth: $175 Million
2018 Earnings: $24 Million

Profession: Professional tennis player, model

Maria Sharapova Biography

Maria Sharapova was born in Nyagan, Russia, on April 19, 1987. When Sharapova was 2, her father befriended Aleksandr Kafelnikov, whose son would go on to be Russia’s first number 1 tennis player. Kafelnikov gave Sharapova her first tennis racquet in 1991 when she was only 4. Soon, Sharapova was practicing with her father at a local park. She took her first tennis lessons with Russian coach Yuri Yutkin, who was impressed with the young Sharapova.

She moved with her father to United States when she was 16, both to escape the poverty in Russia and in an attempt to launch her tennis career. Sharapova made her professional breakthrough when she defeated defending champion Serena Williams in 2004 Wimbledon title at the age of 17.  As of August of 2013, she has won more than 30 career titles as well as earned $27 million in prize money. Sharapova remains one of the top earning female athletes in the world and is currently ranked at number 1 in the world.

Well invested beyond her tennis earnings, Sharapova has been featured in some very well-paid modeling assignments, such as the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She has also been featured in many advertisements such as Canon cameras, Nike, and Prince, as well as fashion houses such as Cole Haan. At the start of 2010, Sharapova renewed a deal with Nike which earned her more than $70 million. This has been a super lucrative deal since Sharapova receives royalties from the sales of her own line of clothing on top of her endorsement deal. Sharapova’s ballet slipper was the top selling shoe in 2010 at Cole Haan.

Unfortunately, Sharapova has a chronic shoulder condition that required surgery in 2013.  However, she recovered in 2014 and came back to win her second French Open title. Sharapova also launched her own line of candy in 2012 called Sugarpova.

Sharapova is now faced with losing millions of dollars in endorsements as it was revealed, and the star acknowledged, that she failed a drug test at the Austrailan Open. Nike, Porsche, and other famous brands are dropping this popular tennis star like a hot potato after this revelation. Sharapova admitted that she tested positive for a little known drug called meldonium. This drug is used to improve oxygen uptake by the body and was banned at the end of 2015. Sharapova admits that she simply didn’t catch the email that was sent to her so that she could stop taking the drug in time for test. This is a costly mistake that could earn her a long ban from the International Tennis Federation and could cause her to miss out on the Olympics in 2016.

With a current net worth of $175 million, this young tennis star has many years of earning power ahead of her, if she can overcome her drug scandal.

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