Mark Burnett Net Worth

Mark Burnett Net Worth

Real Name: Mark Burnett
Date of Birth: 07/17/1960
Place of Birth: London, England

2019 Net Worth: $450 Million
2018 Earnings:

Profession: Television producer, executive producer, author, CEO of United Artists Media Group

Mark Burnett Biography

Mark Burnett was born in the summer of 1960 in London, England. He was raised in Dagenham, Essex, and he states that although the family struggled to get by, he always felt loved. Burnett enlisted in the British Army when he was 17. He saw some action during the Falklands War in the Parachute Regiment and was decorated. Burnett immigrated to the US in late 1982 with a great deal of ambition and only $600 in his pocket.

Burnett worked as a nanny for several different affluent families in the wealthy Malibu area of California for the next 7 years. He became lifelong friends with one employer, a man named Burt, who saw his skills. He eventually helped Burt sell insurance to wealthy customers. By the early 1990’s, Burnett had made his first million.  Burnett wanted more excitement, however, and he found it by competing in a French competition held once a year called Raid Gauloises, a show that would inspire Burnett to create one for American audiences called “Survivor.”

Burnett at first called his show “Eco-Challenge” and held the first competition in Utah. It was shown on MTV, and later on the USA network and the Discovery Channel. Two years later, after being rejected by network after network, CBS finally put Survivor on their summer season. It was, to say the least, a monster hit, and is still being shown today. Burnett has since gone on to produce RockStar, The Voice, Shark Tank, The Apprentice, The Contender, and many more. He has also written a book entitled “Succeed: How to Survive and Thrive in the Game of Life.”

Burnett has a current net worth of $450 million and now lives in one of the Malibu mansions that he used to work in. He currently earns approximately $11 million every year from the Survivor show alone. He recently launched a History Channel miniseries “The Bible”, and produced a very successful feature length movie called “Son of God”, which has already grossed $68 million worldwide. This should vastly increase Burnett’s net worth over the next few years.

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