Mark Salling Net Worth 2016

Mark Wayne Salling Net Worth

Real Name: Mark Wayne Salling
Date of Birth: 08/17/1982
Place of Birth: Dallas, Texas

2019 Net Worth: $500,000
2018 Earnings:

Profession: Musician, actor, singer, songwriter

Mark Salling, Wayne Salling, Puck, Jericho Biography

Mark Wayne Salling was born in Dallas, Texas, in August of 1982. He attended the Los Angeles Music Academy College of Music, where he studied guitar and  voice. He released a studio album in 2008 under the name Jericho. His second album, released in 2010, was entitled Pipe Dreams and it reached #5 on the US Heatseekers Chart.

Salling is best known for his character Puck on the popular television series Glee. He has soloed and performed on numerous Glee episodes including songs like “Only the Good Die Young”, “Sweet Caroline”, and “Good Vibrations”. Salling also performed in 1996 on the video of “Children of the Corn”, as well as appearing in an episode of Walker, Texas Ranger, as well as the video of The Graveyard. Salling’s true fame, however, came as he took on the role of Noah, “Puck”, Puckerman on the extremely popular Fox series Glee.

Unfortunately, this up and coming star has had more than his share of problems with the law. In March of 2015, he was forced to pay most of his net worth (which was $3 million at the time) to Roxanne Gorzela as part of a sexual battery charge. Also, on December 29th, this Glee star was arrested after police raided his Sunland Valley home and found hundreds of  images of girls, apparently under the age of 10, engaged in various sexual acts, on his computer. This tip was given to the police from an unnamed ex-girlfriend. Salling’s family posted his $20,000 bail and he was released  not long after his arrest.

Salling’s court date is January 22nd, 2016. His representatives have yet to respond to requests for comments or information.

It is unknown if Salling will return to the Glee cast. After paying for his sexual battery charge, Salling has very little cash left to work with. He has a current net worth of $500,000. What happens to this singing sensation remains to be seen.

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