Mark Wahlberg Net Worth

Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg Net Worth

Real Name: Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg
Date of Birth: 06/05/1971
Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts

2019 Net Worth: $200 Million
2018 Earnings: $32 Million

Profession: Actor, film producer, model, rapper

Mark Wahlberg Biography

Mark Wahlberg was born in Dorchester, Massachusetts as the youngest of nine children. Although Wahlberg attended Copley Square High School, he dropped out. He did receive his GED in June of 2013.

Wahlberg was well-known to the local police as he seemed to be in trouble frequently. He committed a few minor felonies and attempted to straighten out his life by working at various odd jobs. Wahlberg and his brother Donnie performed together for a short time doing rap music with Donnie’s band New Kids on the Block. Wahlberg decided to go it on his own and he created Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. He gained a fair amount of notoriety with his on-stage antics, including dropping his pants.

Wahlberg also worked as a model for a short time including doing underwear ads for Calvin Klein where he sometimes worked alongside famous model Kate Moss. He was featured on Vanity Fair’s annual Hall of Fame issue. He also made a workout video.

However, Wahlberg’s underwear and rap music career seem to have faded into the background as he is most recognized now for his film career. Movies such as Boogie Nights, The Perfect Storm, The Italian Job and The Departed made Wahlberg a household name.  In 2006 Wahlberg earned an academy Award as well as Golden Globe nominations for his performance in The Departed.

An interesting note to Wahlberg’s life; he was scheduled to fly on American Airlines Flight 11 on September 11, 2001. A last minute change of plans led him to cancel that flight. Wahlberg is a committed Roman Catholic and has said that he believes he was spared from that flight for a higher purpose.

Wahlberg is actively involved in numerous charities and loves to play cricket in his spare time. In fact, Wahlberg’s interest led him to buy an equity interest of the Barbados Tridents cricket franchise in July of 2013. Wahlberg has a current net worth of $200 million and has stated that he is possibly going to do a sequel to his Dignam character from The Departed.

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