Norman Reedus Net Worth

Norman Mark Reedus Net Worth

Real Name: Norman Mark Reedus
Date of Birth: 01/01/1969
Place of Birth: Hollywood, Florida

2019 Net Worth: $8 Million
2018 Earnings: $500,000

Profession: Actor, model, writer, photographer, director

Norm, Mark, Mark Reedus, Mark Norman Reedus Biography

Norman Mark Reedus was born in January of 1969 in Hollywood, Florida. He grew up in the Los Angeles area but also lived for short periods of time in Japan, Spain and Ireland. His first job was working at a Harley Davidson Motorcycle shop in Venice, California, where he did artwork for the bikes. At a party in Los Angeles, someone asked him if he had ever considered acting. His first acting job was in a play at the Tiffany Theater on Sunset Blvd in the play Map for Drowners.

Reedus has modeled for such famous names as Levi’s, Lexus and Prada. He has been in at least 10 music videos including Strange Currencies by R.E.M., Judas by Lady GaGa (where he plays Judas) and Violently Happy by Bjork. This popular television actor has posed for Cruelty Free International, objecting to the use of animals for cosmetic testing. Reedus is a passionate photographer, sculptor, and painter whose work has been shown in galleries all over the world. He released a book in 2013 of his photographs entitled “The Sun is Coming Up….Like a Big Bald Head.”

Reedus has also acted in several movies including Dark Harbor, Mimic, Six Ways to Sunday, Blade II, 8MM and American Gangster. However, it is his role as the motorcycle riding, cross-bow carrying Daryl Dixon on the wildly popular television series The Walking Dead that has gained Reedus the most fame and vastly increased his net worth. This television series follows the comic book series of the same name with the exception of Reedus. He auditioned for the part of Merle Dixon and producers were so impressed with this actor that they created a part just for him. Reedus was nominated in 2012 for a Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Television Series.

Reedus is so popular that he is often asked to attend conventions. At The Walker Stalker Convention in New Jersey in early December, one fan got so excited by the opportunity to take pictures with Reedus that she bit him. Literally, bit the actor on the chest. Reedus declined to press charges stating that the woman simply got overexcited and that no harm was done. He has asked fans, in the future, to love him but not to bite him. A reasonable request.

Reedus is separated from his long time girlfriend and they share custody of their son Mingus. This zombie killing actor has a current net worth of $8 million and with no end to The Walking Dead in sight, that certainly does not bite.


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