Phil Knight Net Worth

Philip Hampson Knight Net Worth

Real Name: Philip Hampson Knight
Date of Birth: 2/24/38
Place of Birth: Portland, Oregon

2019 Net Worth: $22 billion
2018 Earnings: $4 Billion

Profession: Co-founder and chairman of Nike Inc.

Phil Knight Biography

Philip Hampson Knight was born in Portland, Oregon on February 24, 1938, son of a lawyer turned newspaper publisher. He spent summers during his teen years working for an Oregon newspaper, tabulating sports scores during the night shift. He graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in journalism. Knight first co-founded an American running team called Athletics West. He graduated with a master’s degree in Business Administration at Stanford Graduate School of Business in 1962.

Knight became business partners with his running teacher, Bill Bowerman, , in 1964. Together they sold Japanese running shoes out of the backs of their cars. They named their company Blue Ribbon Sports. A friend suggested changing the company name to Nike, after the Greek goddess of victory, and the Nike symbol was born in 1971.

Nike met real mainstream success in the mid 1990’s. Phil bought a 15 percent stake in Will Vinton Studios in 1998. After a period of mismanagement, Phil bought Will Vinton Studios and assumed control of the board, along with the cooperation of Nike executives. Phil appointed his son to the board of Vinton Studios and has since renamed the company Laika. The studio produced a film, Corline, in 2009 and it was a financial success, earning approximately $60 million.

Knight recently built a $7.6 million hangar for his personal Gulfstream jet, valued at $64 million. Knight is also well known for his charitable work.

Nike is one of the most well-known and respected sportswear brands in the business. Knight’s net worth for his original $500 investment has now grown to more than $22 billion. He is #42 on the Forbes list of Billionaires and #23 in the Forbes 400. Nike had revenue of $62.87 billion in 2013 and is #21 on the Forbes list of World’s Most Valuable Brands.

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