Pierre Omidyar Net Worth

Pierre Omidyar Net Worth

Real Name: Pierre Omidyar
Date of Birth: 06/21/1967
Place of Birth: Paris, France

2018 Net Worth: $8 Billion
2017 Earnings:

Profession: Founder and Chairman of eBay, Founder and CEO of Honolulu Civil Beat

Pierre Omidyar Biography

Pierre Omidyar was born in 1967 in Paris, France, to parents whom had immigrated to France in order to attend college. His father was a surgeon, his mother, an academic with a doctorate in linguistics. Omidyar was just a child when his family moved to the United States.

During his high school years, Omidyar became interested in computers. He attended Tufts University in Massachusetts and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in computer science in 1988. Omidyar was soon working for an Apple computer subsidiary called Claris, where he worked on improving MacDraw and develop MacDraw II. He co-founded Ink Development, a company that was later re-branded as an e-commerce company and renamed eShop.

Omidyar began to write the original computer code for an online store that would enable direct person to person auctions for collectible items in 1995. This simple prototype first appeared on his personal webpage and on September 4, 1995, the online service, called Auction Web, first appeared. This site would later become the auction site, eBay.

The first sale on eBay was for a broken laser pointer. eBay has since exploded with sales going from $250,000 in sales in the first two years, to $2 million in sales during the first month of 1997, to almost $800,000 in sales a day by June of 1997. Omidyar soon found that his tiny eBay fees soon exceeded his income from his job at General Magic so he quit his day job to pay attention to his eBay endeavor. There is an old story that says eBay was built in order for Omidyar’s wife to sell and trade Pez dispensers, but that was nothing more than a marketing ploy.

Omidyar has a current net worth of $8 billion. He has also started several other projects including a Hawaiian news service called Civil Beat, and First Look Media, a company dedicated to independent online journalism. It was his first digital magazine, The Intercept, which revealed Edward Snowden’s leaks.

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