Rush Limbaugh Net Worth

Rush Hudson Limbaugh III Net Worth

Real Name: Rush Hudson Limbaugh III
Date of Birth: 01/12/1954
Place of Birth: Cape Girardeau, Missouri

2019 Net Worth: $400 Million
2018 Earnings: $66 Million

Profession: Radio Host, author, political commentator, former television host

Rush Limbaugh Biography

Rush Limbaugh was born in Missouri in 1954. His father was a lawyer and US fighter pilot. Limbaugh comes from a long line of lawyers but preferred radio above everything else. He began working radio as a teen in 1967 using the name Rusty Sharpe. After graduating from Missouri Central High School in 1969, he enrolled in Southeast Missouri State University to please his parents but quickly dropped out because, as his mother has said, he just flunked everything because he was only interested in radio.

He moved to Sacramento, California, in the early 1980’s where he began perfecting his conservative, politically oriented sarcasm. He soon earned national syndication and became extremely popular by opposing President Bill Clinton. By 1995, Limbaugh was one of the most popular radio hosts in America.  The Rush Limbaugh Show is now aired from Limbaugh’s studio in his Palm Beach, Florida, home. In 2012, Talkers Magazine listed Limbaugh as the most listened to talk show host with an estimated audience of 15 million persons every week. Limbaugh owns the majority of the show, which is syndicated by the Premiere Radio Network. In 2001, Limbaugh signed an 8 year contract giving him $33 million each year. He then signed an extension until July of 2016 worth more than $400 million.

Limbaugh is adamantly against any type of gun control. After the mass shootings in San Bernardino, California, he said;

“There isn’t a gun control law or any proposed gun control law that would have prevented what happened yesterday in San Bernardino from happening. All the gun control laws that the left has proposed, even confiscating guns, would not have stopped what happened.”

Limbaugh had a syndicated TV show between 1992 and 1996 but it did not fare as well as his radio talk show program. He also recently published a children’s book about the pilgrims. Limbaugh owns his own Gulfstream G550 jet worth $54 million. His West Palm Beach residence has been valued at $26 million. He also owns a penthouse condo on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Limbaugh had a serious drug addiction to the pain killer Oxycodone, which was the most likely cause of his becoming nearly deaf. He recently had implant surgery to have his hearing restored. Limbaugh’s current net worth is $400 million and now that his hearing has been restored, he has many more years to talk about politics and increase his earnings.

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