Scott Weiland Net Worth

Scott Richard Kline Net Worth

Real Name: Scott Richard Kline
Date of Birth: 10/27/1967
Place of Birth: San Jose, California

2018 Net Worth: $10 Milion
2017 Earnings: $1.5 Million

Profession: Singer, musician, author

Scott, Scott Weiland, Scott Kline Biography

Scott Richard Weiland was born Scott Kline in October of 1967. He lived with his mother in San Jose and was adopted by his stepfather when he was 5, taking the last name of Weiland at that time. The family soon moved to Bainbridge Township, Ohio, where Weiland grew up. He returned as a teen to California, attending Edison High School in Huntington Beach.

Weiland met Robert DeLeo at a concert in Long Beach in 1986. The pair struck up an instant friendship and moved in together. Along with two other friends, they formed the band Stone Temple Pilots. The band made their first album in 1992 called “Core”, which produced 4 hit songs. Their second album, “Purple”, was also a big hit, selling more than 6 million copies.

Weiland formed another band in 1995 called the Magnificent Bastards, but returned in 1996 as the lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots. Weiland’s next album “Tiny Music”  had only one hit. Weiland ran into trouble with the law for possession of drugs and spent 5 months in jail. The group released two more albums, one in 1999 and the next in 2001 however, after an altercation between DeLeo and Weiland, the band broke up in 2002.

Weiland spent the next 5 years performing with a new band called Velvet Revolver before he reunited with his Stone Temple Pilot band members in 2008. This constantly changing singing sensation released several solo albums as well as albums with another band, The Wildabouts during this time.

Unfortunately, Weiland’s drug addiction caused him serious problems. He was married twice before, both marriages ending due to various problems, with some sources citing his drug use. He married again in 2011 and appeared to have kicked his drug habit but on December 3, 2015, Weiland was found dead  in The Wildabouts tour bus in Bloomington, Minnesota. He appears to have died in his sleep. An autopsy is pending and the family is requesting privacy.

Weiland will be remembered for his wild antics on stage, his talented vocal range and his constantly changing music style that kept fans of all ages enraptured with his music. Weiland leaves behind two children, his widow, Jamie Wachtel, and an estate estimated at $10 million.

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