Sepp Blatter Net Worth 2016

Joseph Sepp Blatter Net Worth

Real Name: Joseph Sepp Blatter
Date of Birth: 03/10/1936
Place of Birth: Visp, Switzerland

2019 Net Worth: $10 Million
2018 Earnings: $1 Million

Profession: Former CEO of FIFA

Sepp Blatter, Joseph Blatter Biography

Joseph Sepp Blatter was born in Visp, Switzerland, in March of 1936. He attended school in Sion, Switzerland and later received a degree from the University of Lausanne in business and economics in 1959. Blatter has had a varied career which has included appointments such as the general secretary of the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation and head of public relations for the tourism board in his native country. Blatter was also involved in the 1972 and 1976 Olympic Games.

Blatter is best known for his work at FIFA, which in English, is the International Federation Association of Football, known to most Americans as soccer. Blatter has worked as technical director, then later as general secretary of this organization until he was elected ┬ápresident of FIFA in 1998. Both FIFA and Blatter have long been accused of corruption and bribe seeking. This controversy seemed to come to a head after FIFA announced that the 2022 World Cup had been awarded to Qatar. Blatter was already in hot water for calling the English “bad losers”. When told that Qatar has strict laws against homosexuality, Blatter was glib and suggested that people refrain from having sex while in Qatar.

Although Blatter was reelected as president May 29th, he resigned June 2nd amid the ongoing corruption scandal. As numerous other FIFA officials were indicted or placed under arrest, Blatter was suspended by FIFA. The original suspension was in October of 2015 for 90 days. After Blatter was indicted by the US Department of Justice for accepting illegal payments, FIFA’s ethics committee suspended this former president for 8 years.

Blatter has yet to deny or admit any guilt. He currently lives in Zurich, Switzerland with his girlfriend Linda Barras after the divorce from his third wife in 2004. Blatter  proudly announced to the world that he earned $1 million each year as president of FIFA, stating that he did not believe that the salary was out of line. Blatter has a current net worth of $10 million.

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