Slavica Ecclestone Net Worth

Slavica Radic Net Worth

Real Name: Slavica Radic
Date of Birth: 05/25/1958
Place of Birth: Rijeka, Croatia (formerly Yugoslavia)

2019 Net Worth: $1.2 Billion
2018 Earnings:

Profession: Fashion Model

Slavica Ecclestone Biography

Slavica Ecclestone was born in what is now Croatia in May of 1958. As a teenager, Ecclestone began her career by appearing in ad campaigns, various editorials, and runway shows. She very quickly became a leading international model working for some of the most famous fashion designers in the world, including Armani.

While modeling for Armani in 1982, she was also hired to work a promotional event for Formula One Racing. This is where she met her future husband, race car driver Bernie Ecclestone. Bernie pursued her relentlessly, overcoming their language barrier (He spoke only English, she spoke only Croatian and Italian) and completely ignoring their 28 year age difference, as well as their height difference. At 6 foot 2, Slavica was nearly 12 inches taller than Bernie, who stood only 5 foot 2 and a half inches in height.

The couple remained married for 24 years until their divorce in 2009. Most of the couple’s fortune was held in offshore trusts in the wife’s name. Luckily, the divorce appeared to be amicable and Bernie managed to keep about 66% of his fortune.Ms. Ecclestone was awarded $1.2 billion in the divorce settlement, currently the second most expensive divorce of all time.

A note of interest, Mr. Ecclestone is currently on trial in Germany on bribery charges and court documents show that Ms. Ecclestone is giving her ex-husband approximately 100 million dollars a year from some of the interest that her money generates. The reason for this is known only to the couple.

The divorce of the Ecclestone’s has made Ms. Ecclestone one of the richest women in Britain. With a current net worth of $1.2 billion, Ms. Ecclestone can enjoy a carefree life of luxury, even if she decides to never work again. Rumors say that she might return to the runway but at 57 years of age, that remains to be seen. Ms. Ecclestone was recently made a grandmother when one of her daughters, Tamara, gave birth to a daughter, Sophia.

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