Tiger Woods Net Worth

Eldrick Tont Woods Net Worth

Real Name: Eldrick Tont Woods
Date of Birth: 12/30/1975
Place of Birth: Cypress, California

2019 Net Worth: $600 Million
2018 Earnings: $78 Million

Profession: Professional golfer

Tiger Woods Biography

“Tiger” Woods was born in Cypress, California, in 1975 and grew up in the Orange County area of California. Woods was a child prodigy and was playing golf by the time he was 2 years old. Tiger got his nickname in honor of a friend of his father’s, who was called Tiger. He was 5 when he first appeared in the magazine Golf Digest as well as on a popular television show, “That’s Incredible”.  Woods won the Under Age 10 section of a golf competition that was held at the Navy Golf Course when he was 7.  Woods won the Junior World Championship six times.

Woods played against and defeated his father when he was 11 years old. Woods then broke 70 on a regulation golf course; he was 12 years old. Woods has won so many titles and matches that it’s hard to list them all, but some highlights include: 14 professional tournaments, 71 PGA Tours, he has been crowned the PGA Player of the year 9 times, Sportsman of the year twice, AP Male athlete 4 times, and he has been ranked #1 for more consecutive weeks than any other player ever.

Woods turned pro in 1996 and has earned an incredible $92.8 million from golf, but the majority of his earnings come from endorsements. When he was 21, Woods signed deals with Titleist and Nike worth more than $60 million combined. He also has lucrative endorsements from American Express, General Mills, Golf Digest, Rolex, Gillette, EA Sports, Buick, and AT&T, just to name a few. In fact, Woods recently signed a 5 year, $100 million dollar contract with Gatorade.

Woods has had a few drawbacks in his life. He went through an ugly divorce in 2010, which cost him millions. He has also had numerous health issues with his knees and his back, which has affected his game. This has cost him millions in endorsements as well as earnings from his profession. Woods has a current net worth of $600 million and if this golf star can get back on his feet, he still has many years of earning potential ahead of him.

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