Yoko Ono Net Worth

Yoko Ono Net Worth

Real Name: Yoko Ono
Date of Birth: 02/18/1933
Place of Birth: Tokyo, Japan

2019 Net Worth: $500 Million
2018 Earnings:

Profession: Singer, Artist, Peace Activist

Yoko Ono Biography

Yoko Ono was born in 1933 in Tokyo. Her father was a classical pianist and banker that came from a long line of Samurai warriors. Yoko’s name means “ocean child”. She began learning piano at the age of 4. During the war, Ono and her family became so poor that they were forced to beg for food while pushing their belongings in a wheelbarrow.

Ono’s family finally moved to New York, and Ono enrolled in Sarah Lawrence College. She soon befriended poets, artists, and others who participated in what could be called a bohemian lifestyle. Her parents did not like her choice of friends, however, thinking they were beneath her. This did not stop Ono from enjoying the company of all types of artists. Ono began painting and was doing an exhibit of her art at a gallery in London when she first met John Lennon. At the time, Ono had not heard of the Beatles and did not know who Lennon was but Ono says the attraction between the two was instantaneous.

They began writing letters to one another and Lennon even sponsored a solo art exhibition for her at Lisson Gallery in London. Lennon was soon writing cryptic songs in reference to Ono. Lennon and Ono began seeing each other daily and were well known for attending public protests against the Vietnam War. They were married in Gibraltar in March of 1969.

Ono gave birth to a son in 1975 and Lennon dropped out of show business. Many blame Ono for the rift that caused the Beatles to break up. Ono contributed to her husband’s album, Double Fantasy, in early 1980. After Lennon’s death in December of 1980, Ono has explored various directions in her art, which is often shrouded with grief and dark, somber tones. Although her net worth of $500 million makes her a rich woman, she is known very little for her own art work and more for being the spouse of John Lennon.

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