Zsa Zsa Gabor Net Worth 2016

Sari Gabor Net Worth

Real Name: Sari Gabor
Date of Birth: 02/06/1917
Place of Birth: Budapest, Hungary

2019 Net Worth: $ 40 Million
2018 Earnings:

Profession: Actress, socialite

Zsa Zsa, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Sari Biography

Zsa Zsa Gabor was born Sari Gabor in Budapest, Hungary, in 1917. She was crowned Miss Hungary in 1936. Gabor and her family, who are of Jewish decent, left Hungary in 1941. The name Zsa Zsa was a family nickname. Her first professional performance was in Vienna in 1934, where she sang in an operetta. Hollywood was searching for European actresses that they believed were more “charming and graceful” than American actresses. Zsa Zsa and her sister Ava, were both popular actresses and guest stars for television talk shows.

Gabor had numerous movie credits, including We’re Not Married!, Moulin Rouge, Lovely to Look At, and Touch Of Evil. She made cameo appearances and did voice overs for other movies, such as in Happily Ever AFter. She was one of the most sought after guests for talk shows such as Jack Parr, Johnny Carson, Joan Rivers, and Phil Donahue.

Despite her movie roles, Gabor is perhaps best known for her 9 marriages and extravagant Hollywood lifestyle, as well as some famous quips about herself. Her most famous quote might be, ” I am a marvelous housekeeper! Everytime I leave a man, I keep his house!” Gabor had one daughter, Constance Francesa Hilton, who died of a stroke in 2015. Gabor’s current husband, Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt, did not tell Gabor out of fear for her physical and mental health.

This exotic actress purchased an exotic home to match in 1970 in Beverly Hills, California. This 9,000 square foot home once belonged to Elvis Presley and was built by Howard Hughes. In 2002, GAbor was involved in a traffic accident, which left her partially paralyzed. She relied on a wheelchair after this incident and put her home up for sale in 2012.

Gabor had expressed a desire to spend her final days in Hungary, after her 100th birthday. Her husband was making plans for this trip, however, less than 2 months shy of her 100th year on this earth, Gabor suffered a fatal heart attack and passed away at her home.

The glamourous Gabor had a net worth of $400 million at the time of her death, her sole heir is her current husband. Gabor’s Bel Air home is still on the market for $14.9 million.

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